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some of our clients leave it all to us to design & create the perfect living space for them ! For instance this living room showcase a certain stature of those living there.We like it to call our vision "the individuals who are comfortable in life ".We dont want to go overboard with our concept,so we made it simple and sleek.For our furniture to stand out,we used dark colors for the sofa & wallpaper.We wanted to ensre that our concepts suits our clients personally & to create the perfect ambience.
Center Right
Its very common in our Malaysian homes that the staircase sits practically in the center of our living or dining rooms,so we decided to create a showcase to partition the staircase from the living ,its also the perfect display platform where our clients could display all their artifacts or travel souvenirs.

The dining area was converted into a chill out area where the family could get together and hang out or simply relax to the sound of water cascading down the water feature in order to create this new distinguished,modern/ classic look,we created pillars and archway using nyatoh plywood that provide as a partition between the new chill out area and the new dining area. It created depth and yet had the transparent look into the new dining area. We felt that adding some natural stone to the wall will be like adding icing to the cake and it turned out just as we had planned
Bottom right
Who says that an office has to be plain and boring ?We set out to not only to create a cozy office but to impress our clients as well.Space was an issue for us so we decided to use aluminium & glass partitions to separate the meeting room form the office creating a very much open concept yet privacy to the individual who required it

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